Sunday, June 30, 2013

Imagine a cowboy in the city

Mix of the worlds in one design

Thirsty cowboy waiting for a green light

While surfing on pinterest i cane across this unique design, that is mixing past, imaginary, animation and today's world. Almost like in the games. I love the way it is made and the moving lights really have the gamers effect. And the title of this Illustration is
Thirsty cowboy waiting for a green light
and when I carefully checked the image i saw a sign bier accross the street.
LOL. He is heading to a bar. I guess he is a bit lonely, as he came downtown alone.
Super funny illustration, that really got my attention!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Best two designs in artist group

Two of the best designs in my FaceBook group

Artists were voting between the designs that were uploaded till then and these are the best three of them.


Pink elf in love 

Design that won is named Pink elf in love. Blue decorative and vintage raster graphic with pink abstract element and some hearts.

Here is the link to iPhone4 case with this design on it. You can search forward to find other products.



Sunset Kaleidoscope


This design was awarded second place.  The design is on a mouse pad. His beautiful kaleidoscope design uses the colors of a sunset. The red and orange are very warming.
Here is the link to Sunset kaleidoscope design on a mousepad.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hearts on the pillow

Do you want hearts in your bed?

Corner of the heart pillow
Abstract and sweet design for a pillow. Hearts and pink colouring make this design so cute... Love energy will fill up the room round this pillow. I just love the idea of hearts on a cushion that you can sleep on or just have it on the couch for all the guests to see.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Castle by the sea

Castle by the sea jigsaw puzzle Easy jigsaw puzzles

I found a beautiful jigsaw puzzle with a photo printed on lid. It has only 252 pieces so it has to be easy to assamble. Me and my friends finished one with 5000 pieces, but for the kids or beginners this puzzle is perfect.
On the photo is a Castle called Miramare in Italy. Ferdinand Maksimilian - the man who build it was shot in Mexico.
The castle is surrounded by a big park with exotic plants.