Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Best designs this month

Winner designs from Atists - FB group

Three best designs in Facebook group Artists. Artworks were picked by voting.

All three designs were the winners / in the first place. The voting was public and lasted for a week.
Three winners are:


Watercolor painting by Aravind Mon

His description is:
"an old watercolor painting".

(Image Source Link)


Hanging Blanket by Marisa Ives-Horn

Her description is:
Heavy petal blanket flower in a sparse area of wildflowers. The lonely unique bloom surrounded with bright yellow flowers

(Image Source Link)

Beautiful ballerina in glass

Her description is:
Lovely shaped ballerina from above on a black background for better effect.
(Image source Link)




Saturday, July 6, 2013

Twighlight Landscape

Lake in morning light


A dark design and just some light in it. You can see the lake and trees, sun is very low in the sky at dawn. The mystical Landscape by the lakeside and a house is near.

I find this design quite spooky and mysterious.

This design is available on a phone case, greeting card and matted print. Source of the design is CatchyLittleArt.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cute red little ladybirds

Little ladybirds and dreamy pink landscape

Lovely illustration of five ladybirds with black dots and with nice 3d effects. The elders say they are for good luck.

The dreamy pink landscape with a heart flowing in it and all except one are going towards it.

Made by Catchy Little art and found on redbubble.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Imagine a cowboy in the city

Mix of the worlds in one design

Thirsty cowboy waiting for a green light

While surfing on pinterest i cane across this unique design, that is mixing past, imaginary, animation and today's world. Almost like in the games. I love the way it is made and the moving lights really have the gamers effect. And the title of this Illustration is
Thirsty cowboy waiting for a green light
and when I carefully checked the image i saw a sign bier accross the street.
LOL. He is heading to a bar. I guess he is a bit lonely, as he came downtown alone.
Super funny illustration, that really got my attention!